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Button UP Designs - Lucite

These mouth-watering Lucite buttons are triple stacked using bright, fun, glossy colors, reminiscent of a freshly opened package of Life Savers. These buttons mostly date to the 1960's, 70's, & 80's, when "hip" clothing styles featured bold floral patterns, paisley, and geometric prints. The wilder the button colors, the better, for these garments, worn by flower children, "Woman's Lib" advocates, & housewives alike. Many dusty Lucite buttons can be found in old button jars, where they have become mixed in, during the second half of the 20th century, with the more sedate Antique and Vintage buttons which I use in most of my bracelets. Too beautiful to ignore, once the dust has been cleaned away, I decided to create this spin-off line, Button UP Designs, which is easily distinguished from the not-so-contemporary look of my Button DOWN styles.

History Lesson for the day - "Lucite" is the brand name of a polyacrylic discovered by DuPont Chemical in 1931. Around the same time, an identical polyacrylic is developed by the Rohm & Haas Chemical Company, and named "Plexiglas".

Button UP Designs: Lucite

Button UP Designs: Lucite
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